hey :)

my name is kai.
pronouns are they/them (i think)
im an intp-t/5w6
im under 18
im ace, bi and questioning non-binary or transgender
kinda wish i was born in the 90s/early 2000s
i might be mentally ill??

my interests

-ace attorney
-friday night funkin
-genshin impact
-jet set radio
-death note
-saiki k
-ouran host club
-devilman crybaby
-popee the performer
-rhythm games (project diva, osu, bandori, ect)
-old tech (video game consoles, computers, ect)

my kins

-kazuichi souda (dr2)
-L (death note)
-saiki (saiki k)
-leon kuwata (dr thh)
-kiyotaka ishimaru (dr thh)
-mondo owada (dr thh)
-beat (jsr)
-albedo (genshin)
-ryo asuka (dmcb)
-k1b0 (drv3)
-shuichi saihara (drv3)

dont talk to me if...

-youre anti lgbtq+
-youre maga/pro trump
-youre alm/anti blm
-youre racist/support racism
-youre anti acab
-youre anti anti
-youre pro dox
-you make jokes about pedophilia/rape
-you support stan culture
-youre a fujoshi

contact me

tiktok: ed.gy_normie
instagram: pastel_scars
discord: pastel

congrats. youve reached the end. below are some photos that i found cool/describe me :D

some of these might be triggering to some people. sorry :(